The Tao of Seneca by Tim Ferris [Should You Read It?]

The Tao of Seneca is an audiobook that was produced by popular podcaster and author Tim Ferris and narrated by John A. Robinson.

The audiobook contains 65 letters (also called Epistles) that Seneca The Younger wrote to Lucilius Junior.

Before the Tao of Seneca, there weren’t audiobook versions of Seneca’s letters. Tim Ferris developed the project because he wanted to be able to listen to Seneca’s letters.

The collection itself is based on a 1917 work called Epistles, Volume 1, which was published by the Loeb Classical Library and was translated by Richard M. Gummere.

Why You Should Read The Tao of Seneca?

Seneca’s letters to Lucilius, also known as ‘’Letters From a Stoic”, are considered some of the foundational reading for the branch of philosophy called Stoicism. The letters contain timeless wisdom and advice.

Most of the letters can be listened to in 10 minutes, so it’s perfect for listening to while walking or doing another form of exercise. Tim Ferris recommends listening to a letter a day.

I recently compiled and posted a collection of some of my favorite Seneca Quotes. Most of the quotes were directly from The Tao of Seneca.

The Investor, Naval Ravikant, tweeted that The Tao of Seneca was the most important Audible book he’s ever listened to.

Where Can You Buy The Tao of Seneca?

You can purchase the audiobook on Amazon or Audible. There are now three volumes of Seneca’s letters which comprise all of the letters Seneca wrote to Lucilius.

Tim Ferris also provides free PDF versions of The Tao of Seneca. You can read and download them on Tim Ferris’s website here

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